dinsdag 15 mei 2012

Schedule 2012: my 2 cents

So Bell Of Lost Souls posted a idea of the Schedule 2012. And it got me thinking.

2012 Schedule
June: Flyers (you knew this already) Really flyers? For all the armies? Cause If they look like the sketches... Well then I don't like them allready Flyer sketches here! On the other hand look at the last of page of the white dwarf: Orcs, Necrons and Space marines? Maybe we will see them.
July : Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook (and not a moment too soon) Why do people say this? Not a moment too soon? The Internet folks think grey knights are overpowered and all. I played Draigo and I'm not impressed! 
August: Chaos Space Marines (fast on the heels of 6th, large minis release right at launch) Chaos now?  Right after the 6th edi? Maybe... Prepare that these are the new kids on the block.
September: Warhammer 40,000 6th Boxed Set (CSM vs Dark Angels (a minority are holding out for Eldar))  Dark Angels vs CSM please! Lots of conversion stuff for me. I think it will be Eldar tough.
October: Warriors of Chaos (Warhammer Fantasy, and explaining last year's "2012 is the year of Chaos" meme) This would be reason to start for me Fantasy! New units of Chaos, awesome looking models and all plastic/ finecast! 
November: Hobbit (get ready for it) Hobbit and the mysterybox game
December: Deals and Holiday bundles. Meh! I suspect an Chaos Marine Army deal then.
2013: Tau and Eldar (Tau are said to be early year, first out of the gate) Tau? Eldar? I think we will first see whats in the starter kit.

a) Where O where are the Dark Angels? Squeezed in somewhere, White Dwarf codex, or punted down the schedule? Who knows where they Are!? The image on the spine will be complete around december. So they will be in january! No xenos for january!
b) Q4 2012 is said to have BloodBowl in there somewhere as this year's "Mystery Box" I know this also the year BloodBowl gets 25. So yeah Blood Bowl will be out this year.

With this I stop and keep dreaming of cool terminator army! I hope 6th Edition will be there soon! So I can upgrade my Nurgle Angels / Black Templars to it and play some more!  We will just have to wait! And man I hate waiting!!

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