maandag 23 april 2012

11th Conflict!

So its been a while since I last posted something. I got a good excus! I painted 2 predators, Honour guard and Terminator Libarian for the tournament It was yesterday and I was still painting till 22h30...
War is Magic!

I had a great time! 11th  conflict! Only minus was not much terrain, I had fun battles. Meet some nice people. Like Jerre from bolter and chainsword with is: Skyrars Dark Wolves. I also played against the artist from Wobbly Model Syndrome. He played Tyranids! Was a fun game, he had some missfortune with his Tyrgons. All three run one inch in the same turn... That's gonna hurt. Also his three Tervigons stopped in first turn with producing termagaunts. Lucky for me? Yeah indeed! I killed all three Tervigon and one Trygon. It was minor Lose cause we both drawed the objective.

Second battle was against Leaf Blower... At first I taught that sounds like alot of stuff. And indeed it was! Much and much firepower... I didn't got totally whiped out. I did shot his 2 vendetta's out of the air first turn! Booh yeah! And I destroyed one vehicle. I did start my first turn very stupid. I should have charged him head on! 18inch move forward and pop smoke. No I tried to a side ways move. I'll remember it for next time! We will meet again Leafblower!

The third and last battle was against normal Space Marines, well yes indeed normal space marine! Again a fun battle. 2 predators, one vindicator, Land Raider, 3 rhino's and 2 multimelta bikers. I wish I went for the easy kill points first... It was minor lose again. Cause I went into my opponent his zone with my HQ so I scored 5 points + not everything was killed again! Hooray for mech armies! I got 45 of the 52. And got 15/20 for my painting! 'm glad with that.

And for the first time I didn't take much pictures of my battles, was maybe slacking sometimes and nervous the other time. So most of the pictures are from other people there armies and from friends of the Albion Team. Tomorrow I will try and take some pictures from my honour guard, predators and Terminator Librian!

Eldar vs Dark Eldar (Almost the same sheme! Awesome!)
Best Painted Army
Leafblower vs tyranids

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