donderdag 13 augustus 2015

ESC Prague 2015

So last week from Tuesday 4th until Friday the 7th I was in Prague! And I had a blast! Was a great experience for me! Playing people from all around, North Ireland, Germany, England and Belgium.
It was way too early but selfie!
View on the route
Better view on the route!
The Route to Prague was early and long... but we made it! Just in time for a:
Then we had some good food and drinks! Afterwards everyone got home and slept.
Because for most of the folks it was ESC next day! I was bloody nervous... ESC this year can be described as something chaotic... we had sign in when we arrived, then half hour past first game we had to sign in again on the computer, then the grudge matches where signed in... It was 11h when we could start our game...
So what did we do in the mean time? Take some pictures of awesome armies!
Orks as Tau
Converted Orks
A completey Games Workshop converted Star Wars "Eldar" Army!
All the folks
40k Tables
Chaos Spawn!
T Shirts where exchanged
Wolves and stuff

Chaos Wolves!
Mythic Spores
Flying Grey Knights
Chaos Wolves
Ghost Tiggy?
Fallen Dark Angels!

First battle I faced John Stowe! I stepped in on 6 Nations Cup for John because he couldn’t make it. And then he grudged me for the ESC! He played a Khorne Daemonkin list with 4 maulerfiends and 2 helldrakes, a bunch of doggies and some cultists + bloodletters. So all in the list looked fine. Just had to watch those maulerfiends with S10… (In the end they instant death 2 dudes of mine) 

 It was a great game. Whiskey was drunk, pictures where taking, curses where made,… I took 2 points in this game because last turn John decided to save all his saves!

Shot Glass from North Ireland! Thanks again John!
Picture time!
Second battle was against Joel of Engeland. He played a Thunderwolf Star with Rune Priests, Tigurius and Cypher. So yes they were invisible 100% of the game. He also powers to upgrade his invurnable save with a +1 and 2+ strength on his unit. So yeah… I was pretty fucked that game. He had all the powers he needed. Game ended with an hour left so we drank some games, talked some army ideas. Great played and learned a lot!
Sebastian of Germany with Space wolves and Space Marines was my third opponent! He played a small thunder wolf unit, wolf lord on thunder wolf, rune priest, chapter master and some pods with troops in it. Of course he had something evil coming out of some extra pods… Centurions with Grav cannons! Ooh boy did they ruined my game. The game went both ways but he had the upper hand here… Got 2 points again and a bunch of maelstrom!

Fourth battle I faced a drop pod army with skitarii inside it! And wow… that he had some luck… he rolled misfortune and really the amount of sixes he rolled. It was to cry for… because every almost every six he rolled the guns did an extra wound. Turn 1 he shot my biggest thunder star away… so I was like what the??? Great player, tough and great to see skitarii on the board! Lost 0-20 because he wiped me…

Last and final battle! I need to take some points. Because otherwise I had to buy drinks for all the ESC players. I faced Japser, which I normally play against, in the last round. Because things didn't matter we didn't ask the judges so swap us around. Since other player from the same team also played each other. It’s a swiss round so this would be bound to happen sometimes.  Jasper played orks and had a big nasty unit of Ork Nobz, which scared me a little bit and a big bunch of cannons with him. So I had no idea what to do exactly. We played relaxed and had some beers. In the end I won 19-1. Should have been 20-0 if we didn’t rewind something. Didn’t matter like I said.


Ork Shooting!

With that the ESC experience was over. Dice on board, models in armycase, beers were drunk and friendships made. I’m looking forward to Caledonian Uprising VI seeing a bunch of the North Irelands mates again. Playing great games and hopefully kick some ass. 
Also have new army ideas in my head… sadly they have to wait. The house is top priority for now. I hope to destroy the bathroom and kitchen before next weekend! Should be doable…
Time to work!